Autos and Scrap Well Off in Box 1-8
By Chief Ed Mizenko
December 17, 2021

16:21 Box 1-8 Straban Twp. 1957 York Road

GFD & 1st Alarm units dispatched for a Commercial Building Fire at Consolidated Scrap Resources. Adam’s County 911 advised only 1 caller reporting a large amount of flames and smoke. Chief 1 (Mizenko) went on the air and from about 3 miles out reported a large column of smoke in the air. Due to the previous incident over the summer and lack of water in the area, the Working Fire Assignment and additional Water Tankers were added to the box.

Asst. Chief 1 (McGonigal) and Chief 1 AOS and reported that this was not at CSR but at the old Gastley's Scrap Yard with a corrected address of 1957 York Rd. Crews found a large pile of debris, cars, trailers, tires and trees on fire extending into the wood line. Engine 1-2 AOS and dropped a 5” supply line and utilized the deck gun for a quick knock on the fire. Chief 33 (Rabine) assisted with Resource Management and as the fire was darkened down, units that were dispatched on the Working Fire Assignment started to be placed in service.

The fire was under control in about 15 mins with extensive overhaul taking place. Crews operated for just over an hour before the box was placed in service. No injuries reported.

Photos Credit: Darryl Wheeler, Gettysburg Times & GFD Personnel

Cause of Fire: Accidental

The Gettysburg Fire Department would like to thank all responding agencies for their assistance today. With a quick response from all units, fire spread was contained relatively quick.

Units: Engines 1-1 & 1-2, Traffic 1, Chief & Asst Chief 1
Mutual Aid: Co.'s: 4,6,7,14, 20,22,25, 29 & 33 , AREMS