A New Look for GFD!
By Gettysburg Fire
July 25, 2022

The Gettysburg Fire Department moved into our current home in 1992 when our Stratton Street station was built. It continues to serve the department and the community well. Still, after 30 years, some wear and tear is expected.

Over the past month, GFD and Ben Druck Door Company have been replacing the 30-year old apparatus bay doors with new roll-up doors across the entire station. The front doors are glass, which will improve the overall look of the front of the station and increase the pride in our rigs and our ability to show ourselves to the public. Side doors are solid with larger glass windows in the front which let in more light and increase safety for responders.

This is part of a major apparatus bay project which includes the new doors, an exhaust track system, and other upgrades and improvements. Stay tuned as we continue to share our progress!