Gettysburg Fire Welcomes New Fire Engine In Service!
By Gettysburg Fire
June 23, 2024

All are invited to join the Gettysburg Fire Department in a cherished tradition this Wednesday, as they welcome the newest addition to their fleet with a historic Push-in Ceremony. The event will take place at 35 N Stratton Street at 7:00 p.m., where firefighters and department members will symbolically push the new fire engine into its bay and place it available for service to our community for the first time.

A fire department push-in ceremony is a traditional event dating back to the 1800s, when fire engines were hand-drawn or pulled by horses. After responding to a call, firefighters would manually push the apparatus back into the station. This practice has evolved into a ceremonial event marking the arrival of a new fire engine. Modern push-in ceremonies celebrate the camaraderie and teamwork of firefighters while honoring the history and traditions of the fire service.

The new fire engine is a Pierce Enforcer custom built for Gettysburg Fire Department. It features a 450 horsepower Cummins engine with an Allison transmission, a 1500 gallons-per-minute fire pump, and the latest in firefighting equipment, technology, and safety. Designated Engine 1-2, it carries 6 firefighters and will serve our community for years to come.

This engine was ordered in 2021 after a two-year planning process at a cost of $763,000. Today’s estimate for the same engine is over $900,000. Funding for this engine comes from municipal fire tax, Pennsylvania Fire Relief fund, department fundraisers, and community donations which go toward a 10-year loan that began in 2022. It took two years to manufacture and first arrived in Gettysburg in December 2023. Since that time, it has been undergoing six months of outfitting and preparation for its life as a working piece of fire apparatus. Engine 1-2 will be the department’s primary engine/pumper, with GFD’s older 2006 and 2010 Sutphen engines remaining in service to our community.

Our Push-in Celebration honors both the arrival of advanced firefighting equipment and the enduring spirit of unity within our community. Come be a part of this special occasion and show your support for the dedicated members of Gettysburg Fire Department, a 100% volunteer department. Volunteer fire departments play a crucial role in Adams County, providing essential firefighting and emergency services staffed by dedicated volunteers. These departments rely on the commitment and bravery of local residents who undergo rigorous training to protect and serve their neighbors.