GFD Receives New SCBA
By Assistant Chief Joe Temarantz
June 30, 2020

The Gettysburg Fire Department received 28 SCOTT X3 Pro 5.5 psi 45 minute SCBA today that will be replacing our nearly 15 year old SCOTT NGX 4.5's. Included with the new SCBA were Scott AV-3000 HT face pieces that will be issued to each individual member and 8 Sight In Mask Thermal Imaging Camera’s, allowing our FF's enhanced thermal vision while performing search operations in structure fires. All of the GFD RIT Packs and associated equipment have also been upgraded to work with the new 5.5 psi cylinders.

The new SCBA were purchased with the assistance of the 2019 FEMA AFG grant that was awarded to us. The SCBA will be placed in service once training has been completed and all interior members receive their face piece fit test.

Thank you to all the members who worked to ensure the GFD selected the best possible fit of SCBA through demos and surveys,that provided us the important input from our membership. We would also like to Thank Paul Shannon and our local sales representative of Mid-Atlantic Fire & Air for your time and assistance during our selection process as well as Paul for taking the time today to ensure our products were all accounted for and properly assembled.