Battlefield Rollover w/Multiple Injuries and Flyout
By Assistant Chief Joe Temarantz
July 3, 2020

At 13:38 hrs on 6/2/20 the GFD and multiple EMS units were alerted to the area of the Virginia State Monument on West Confederate Ave, (Box 1-2) Cumberland Twp., for a reported vehicle overturned with entrapment with multiple injuries. Deputy Chief 1 (Mizenko) was advised by Adams County 911 that there were 2 confirmed injuries with possibly up to 5 injured persons, with this information additional EMS units were added to the call.

Deputy Chief 1 arrived on scene to find 1 Model T style vehicle on its side that had rolled several times according to witnesses, with 1 occupant still in the vehicle confined & AREMS attending to victims. Command requested Rescue 1 to stabilize the vehicle and set up for a possible airbag operation. The confined patient was extricated from under the vehicle just prior to the arrival of R1, but was still in the vehicle being surrounded by roof top supports.

Command initially requested 1 Medical Helicopter and then it was determined a 2nd helicopter was needed. LifeLion 3 and Life Net 8-1 dispatched.

R1 stabilized the vehicle, removed the roof structure to free the patient at which time they were placed in the care of EMS. Engine 1-1 arrived and established the LZ on the roadway just South of the incident scene for both aircrafts to land, Asst Chief 1 (Temarantz) had the LZ command.

In total, 2 patients were transported by air for trauma services & 3 patients by ground to local medical facilities.

Thank you to Gettysburg Times photographer Darryl Wheeler for the additional pictures.

Units: Rescue 1, Engine 1-1, Fire Police, MICU's 54-1, 2 & 6
Mutual Aid: Frederick County Amb 6-9 (Emmitsburg), Life Net 8-1, LifeLion 3, Co. 22 Fire Police, Cumberland Twp PD, NPS Rangers