2 Car MVC w/1 Confined on Hanover Road
By Deputy Chief Ed Mizenko
September 24, 2020

Around 12:18 hrs, Box 1-9 was dispatched for Hanover Rd at US 15SB intersection for the 2 car MVC with 1 trapped. AREMS (MICU54-3) arrived on scene and confirmed dispatch. Rescue 1 AOS ,stabilized the vehicles and placed the Holmatro extrication tools in service. The winch was utilized from Rescue 1 to create a change in direction by utilizing the assistance of Engine 1-1 in order to pull the pickup truck away from the 2nd vehicle to obtain access to the drivers door front hinges and patient.
1 patient transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Units operated on the scene for just over 30 minutes and upon completion Box 1-9 was placed in service with Fire Police remaining on scene to assist the PSP as they investigated the accident. Deputy Chief Mizenko had the Hanover Road Command.

Photos courtesy of Darryl Wheeler (Gettysburg Times) & FF T. Carr.

Units: Rescue 1, Engine 1-1 , Traffic 1, MICU 54-3 & Captain 54 (Lawrence)
Mutual Aid: Co. 22 & 33 Fire Police, PSP