Members Participate in Vehicle Extrication Training
By Deputy Chief Ed Mizenko
October 22, 2020

Last night members conducted additional training with the Rescue Q Jacks and Holmatro Tools. Members from Barlow Fire Department also participated in the training. Scenario was a car up against a tree with the driver pinned. Rescue Q Jacks were utilized along with a Come Along to do a controlled lower of the vehicle to allow access to the roof of the car and patient. Trees were unable to be removed from the area, as this could happen in a real incident. I.E. Large Tree, utility pole, etc. Members practiced this 1st, then removed everything and put all equipment in staging, then members went to work like it was a actual incident. Once the vehicle was moved approximately 1 foot away, members were able to get in with the tools and started to remove the roof. Once the roof was removed the steering column was pulled, spreaders utilized to lift the dash up of the patient.

Once removed, rescue Randy lost his head.....true story! With a little glue, Randy is expected to make a full recovery.

Great training! Looking forward to a possible Rescue Q Jack “Stab-U” class (stabilization university) to be held in Gettysburg early next year. Thank You to the Gettysburg Public Works for assistance with placing/smashing the car, EMT Bob Watts for the donation of the vehicle & Instructor John Sileski from MES for the training.

Prior to partaking in the training, GFD was dispatched on a MVC with confinement. Incident shown above.