Vehicle vs Fuel Pumps and Auto with 1 Pinned
By Chief Ed Mizenko
March 18, 2021

03/18/2021 Box 1-8-30
30 Camp Letterman Dr., Straban Twp. (Sheetz)
MVC w/Entrapment

0923 hrs Gettysburg Fire Department & AREMS dispatched to the Sheetz Gas Station for a report of a MVC with entrapment.
Deputy Chief 1 (Temarantz) responded and was provided with additional information of a vehicle accident in the parking lot with one person pinned between a vehicle and a gas pump with the possibility of 3 injuries. DC 1 requested a 3rd EMS unit to the scene.
Deputy Chief 1 AOS and assumed command, confirmed 1 pickup truck that went through 1 gas pump and struck another vehicle which got pushed into a male subject, causing him to be trapped between the vehicle and the gas pump. Pumps were shut down by the automatic shutoff and Sheetz employees. Deputy Chief reported 1 person trapped with a second patient confined within the vehicle. Pt. was conscious at this time, but in serious condition. DC 1 also requested a tow truck to the scene and requested to them respond ASAP along with a request for additional resources, which brought Rescue 22, Rescue 33 and Engine 33-1 to the scene.
Crews also had do deal with a fuel spill which caused additional concerns while the extrication was taking place. Foam was placed down to prevent a flash fire from occurring and a charged hose line and a additional foam line off Rescue 1 was placed in service.
1 patient was extricated from the vehicle and placed in the care of EMS, while crews continued to work on the extrication of the male victim trapped between the car and fuel pump. Wellflight 2-8 was unable to fly due to weather.
Rescue crews utilized multiple hand, hydraulic tools and cribbing to stabilize the vehicle and free the patient. EMS treated and stabilized the patient during extrication. It took Rescue personnel approx. 25 mins to safely free and extricate the patient. A Hydraulic Ram was utilized to push the car away from the patient and once free, the patient was placed in the care of EMS and transported to a local Trauma Facility with Serious Injuries.

Gettysburg Fire Department would like to thank all responding mutual aid companies for their help today with this complex rescue as several obstacles had to be overcome, however everyone did a tremendous job which allowed for a successful rescue.

Thank you to Harrison Jones Photographer & Scanner 02 Response Videos & Photos for the use of their photos.

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Units: Rescue 1, Engine 1-1 , Traffic 1
Mutual Aid: Rescue 33 & 22, Engine 33-1, AREMS, 22 & 25 Fire Police, PSP, R&S Towing
Hyperlinks: Harrison Jones Photographer
Scanner 02 Response Videos & Photos
Gettysburg Times