RV Propane Leak
By Chief Ed Mizenko
April 4, 2021

Box 1-8 13:03hrs; On Ramp to US Route 15NB from Route 30 (York Road) for an RV leaking propane.

Chief 1 arrived on scene, established command and confirmed all occupants are out of the vehicle, with a strong propane odor in the area. Engine 1-1 AOS, deployed a hand line as crews investigated a leak from the on-board propane tank. Engine 1-2 AOS and supplemented crews and provided additional water source. Vapor was noticed coming from the bottom relief valve. Crews attempted to secure the leak, but were unsuccessful. Propane tank was approx 30 gallons in size and was just recently filled at a local campground prior to the owners heading home. After speaking with Adam’s County Haz-Mat, the decision was to bleed off the propane. Additional water tankers where called to the scene to supplement water supply for a safe operation.
After verifying all power to the RV was secured, crews opened the purge valve to assist with the release. A water fog stream was utilized to assist with the dispersal of propane fumes. Crews utilized approximately 6000 gallons of water while on scene with air monitoring continuously being performed in and around the hazard area.

Crews operated for just about 2 1/2hrs before safely bringing the incident under control. There was no immediate danger to the public or surrounding motorists.

Thank you to Scanner 02 Response Videos and Pictures for the additional photography of todays incident.

Units: Engines 1-1 & 1-2, Traffic & Car 1
Mutual Aid: E33-3, Tanker 25 & ET14, Co.25 Fire Police , AREMS