Rescue 1 Assists Co.4 on Route 30 with 2 Confined
By Deputy Chief Joe Temarantz
April 15, 2021

Today around 1535 hrs Rescue 1 was alerted on the assignment for an auto accident with entrapment in Company 4's due in the area of 2210 Chambersburg Road (Route 30). Adams County 911 advised Deputy Chief 4 that they were receiving reports of a T-bone collision involving two trucks pulling trailers with up to 3 patients. Deputy Chief 4 arrived on scene and confirmed dispatch with both drivers self-extricated, with the passenger of one truck trapped and the passenger of the 2nd truck confined. Rescue 1 with the Deputy Chief & 5 personnel responded and upon arrival we were assigned to the 2nd vehicle (Maroon Pick Up Truck) to extricate the confined patient via the passenger door. R1 personnel used the Holmatro spreaders and cutters to remove the passenger door and assist the occupant out of the vehicle and into the care of EMS. Both patients were extricated in less than 20 minutes , one patient flown to an area trauma center via WellFlight 2-8. Upon completion of all assigned tasks R1 was placed in service.